to Ontological Coaching
We are living in times where technology, automation, social media plays an important role in the way we develop, learn, perceive ourselves and the world around us. Our daily habits are constantly changing, our brain is rewiring every time, leaving us less and less time for the most meaningful and important parts in our life. Our responsibilities and the multitude of roles we play in our life take priority over what we really care about.
Through ontological coaching we focus on learning and discovering our own congruence and practicing a way of being more in line with ourselves, that brings authenticity and freedom.
I am inviting you to a learning journey to become the truest expression of yourself!

About me

After working 15 years in the corporate environment, where I have lead teams through complex transformation initiatives, I decided to dedicate my life to support people in designing and living their life in complete congruence with themselves.I create learning experiences enabling you to become a different observer, one with more possibilities. I am passionate about freedom and purpose at work and my vision is to create environments in workplaces where people are fully present and show up as they really are. I am also a mother and I enjoy the time I spend with my twins, seeing the world through their eyes.    

Chinese proverb.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now."


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Bucharest, Romania

E-Mail: raluca@ralucakannan.com