• Road to Mastery

Road to Mastery

What is your overarching goal? What do you care about? What beliefs and values are guiding you? Whether you found the answers to these questions or not your success relates to your ability to learn and practice. Some call this grit, endurance, or stamina. It requires cultivating the attitudes that enable learning: detachment from the outcome, listening without intent, seeing mistakes as opportunities, curiosity, non-judgment, loving the practice, believing in your purpose. It’s about creating long-lasting accomplishment rather than short term fixes.

About you: This offer is for those of you who are looking to take a step back to reassess and reboot. It is for those who enjoy the marathons not the sprints. For those looking to create new, healthy habits.

Approach: The first session is a discovery session to help us understand your goals. In the next 2-3 weekly sessions we will define a roadmap for your journey using several tools and methodologies that will help us understand the current situation and your desired future. Once the roadmap is defined you will start practicing and our sessions will have the objective to help you create sustainable habits. This second phase involves bi-weekly or monthly coaching sessions for a period of minimum 6 months.

It is not about becoming someone different, but about understanding yourself and creating that congruence and wholeness that we all long for.