• Relationships before results

Relationships before results

As human beings, we produce our best results by working with others, not independently. Organizations are individuals grouped into teams delivering consistent results through coordinated actions. As much as we like it or not, organizations’ survival depends on how well its teams collaborate, and communicate to create a trusting environment.

A high performing team is one where relationships matter more than the results and trust is the foundation. A shared space gets created, where listening is not limited to gathering information or convincing or influencing another, where everyone takes responsibility for developing each other and themselves.

Approach: When teams shape up and come together we tend to focus immediately on results and objectives.

Using a team coaching program, we focus on creating a desired congruence within the team, clarity of purpose and roles, development of team practices and ways of working to increase effectiveness.

We will start with a team assessment phase and then several sessions with the entire team as well as individual sessions. Usually a team coaching program takes 3 to 6 months to ensure continuity and team autonomy by the end of the process.